Alba cowhide

Our alba cowhide is produced from a certain breed of cow and specially selected raw materials. The result is a very thin, soft, white nappa leather. When used in organ building, the advantage of this leather is its pelt size, which is highly suitable for large areas of application. This leather feels more like a soft and supple glove leather.


Synthetic tanning agents (aromatic syntans) are produced artificially and therefore have no counterpart in nature. Examples are formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde (also called glutardialdehyde), phenols and acrylates. Synthetic tanning agents are generally not isolated in the tanning process, but mainly used in combination with chrome tanning or mineral tanning. We do not use chrome tanning for our products, preferring to employ mineral tanning instead. Various salts containing iron, titanium, aluminium or zirconium are used in mineral tanning. After tanning, when the leather is still wet and has not yet been dyed, it is called wet white because of its bright colour. Suitable tanning agents are used in chrome-free tanning to produce a pure white colour. The result looks very refined and clean.


Cut:1/2 hide
Größe:18 – 23 fs²
Gauge:0.4 mm; 0.6 mm; 0.8 mm
Tanning:Synthetic tanning

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