Bellows leather with glacé tanning

Our leather is based on a special raw material, which is used by a certain sheep breed and optimised through careful sorting. For instance, pelt sizes of over 1 m² are not uncommon. As such, they are ideal for further processing in organ building and for avoiding waste.

To our optimised glacé tanning:

Glacé tanning is a form of traditional white tanning and is based on natural ingredients, such as alum (aluminium sulphate), salt, egg yolk, wheat flour, fats and water. These valuable tanning agents and the highly complex tanning process produce very high-quality results.

In the production of our optimised glacé tanning, we take the utmost care when preparing, tanning and finishing, since this type of leather is subject to rigorous standards in terms of softness, stretch, durability and prevention of mould growth, especially when used for organ building.


Cut: Pelt
Size: 0.8 – 1.2 m²
Thickness: Thin, medium, heavy Animal: Sheep
Type of tanning: Glacé tanning

Besonderheit: in Sortiment I/II und Sortimen II/III erhältlich:

  • Sortiment I/II: von höchster Qualität, aber mit kleinen, naturbedingten Fehlern
  • Sortiment II/III: Fehlerhaftes Sortiment mit naturbedingten Fehlern, z. B. Löcher oder Farbabweichungen
Herzog Bellows Leather
Bellows Leather
Herzog Bellows Leather
Close-up view
Herzog Bellows Leather
Close-up view

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Herzog Bellows Leather

Balgleder 0,5 – 1,0 m² Schaf / Lamm optimierte Glacégerbung

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