Bellows leather with glacé tanning

Our bellows leather is distinguished by the special raw material employed, this being obtained from a particular breed of sheep and optimised through further careful sorting. This means that pelt sizes of over 1 m² are not uncommon. As such, they are ideal for further processing in organ building and avoiding waste.

With regard to our optimised glacé tanning:

Glacé tanning is a form of traditional alum tanning and based on natural ingredients such as alum (aluminium sulphate), salt, egg yolk, wheat flour, fats and water. These valuable tanning agents and the highly complex tanning process produce a superior-quality product. During production with our optimised glacé tanning, we exercise extreme care when preparing, tanning and finishing, since this type of leather is subject to rigorous standards in terms of softness, elasticity, durability and the prevention of mould and mildew, especially when used for organ building.


Größe:0.8 – 1.2 m²
Gauge:Thin, medium, heavy
Tanning:Glacé tanning

Special feature: Available in assortment I/II and assortment II/III:

  • Assortment I/II: Highest quality, but with minor natural flaws
  • Assortment II/III: Defective assortment with natural flaws (e.g. holes or colour deviations)

Any questions about the product?

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