Leather strap

Our endless leather strap is manufactured from white organ leather skived on both sides. It is available in numerous different widths. The thickness of the leather strap is approximately 0.8 mm. Other widths and leather types can be produced on request.

* Can also be adapted to customer specifications on request!


Cut:Linear metre
Width:20 mm; 25 mm; 30 mm; 35 mm; 40 mm; 50 mm; 60 mm *
Tanning:White tanning *
Species:Sheep *
Feature:The leather strap has been skived on both sides. Also available unskived if desired!

Any questions about the product?

If you have questions regarding our range, require other leather types or have any individual wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries and are only too happy to help!

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