Organ-building membrane

Made of original Havana pneumatic leather

Rather than split leather, we only use Havana full-grain leather for our premium quality membranes, as full-grain leather is of higher quality and more durable than split leather. Our full-grain leather ensures that your membranes have maximum resistance to tearing and a long service life. Our full-grain leather membranes react with speed and precision, as our leather is very flexible and supple. You enjoy rapid and original repetition and more dynamic play.

You have the following advantages when you purchase our membranes:

  • Our membranes can be used flexibly, as we can provide you with different sizes. We manufacture common sizes, but we can also produce specially specified sizes for you on request
  • Consistent membrane quality due to decades of experienced quality management supported by exact batch documentation
  • All membranes are coded and dated during production to ensure sustainability
  • We dispense with a coloured finish or artificial substances that would only shorten the service life of the leather, as they would result in cracking and breakage or cause the leather to appear stiff
  • Manufacture by qualified specialists under continuous quality control
  • We guarantee that our membranes will have an extremely long service life


Größe:50/20; 65/25; 80/45; 50/25; 65/30; 80/50; 60/20; 70/35; 80/55; 60/25; 75/40; 80/60

Any questions about the product?

If you have questions regarding our range, require other leather types or have any individual wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries and are only too happy to help!

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