Organ-building membrane

Original havana pneumatic leather

Now we complete our range of quality products by offering you membranes at the highest quality level! For our membranes we only use our Havana full leather and not split leather – because full leather is the higher quality and more durable leather compared to split leather.

Our full leather guarantees you maximum tear resistance and a long working life of your membranes. Our full-leather membranes react quickly and precisely because they are very flexible and supple.

You will receive a fast and precise repetition as well as a more dynamic performance.

Size in stock (mm):

50/20 65/25 80/45
50/25 65/30 80/50
60/20 70/35 80/55
60/25 75/40 80/60

When purchasing our membranes, you have the following advantages:

  • you can use our membranes flexibly, as we offer different sizes for you. We manufacture the usual sizes, but on request we can also make specially desired sizes for you.
  • constant quality of the membranes through decades of experienced quality management, supported by accurate batch documentation.
  • all membranes are coded and dated in production to guarantee sustainability.
  • we do not use colour finishes or artificial fabrics that would only impose a short lifespan on the leather, as this could make it cracked and brittle or make the leather appear stiff.
  • manufacture by qualified personnel and continuous quality control
  • we guarantee an extremely long life of our membranes
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Organ building membranes from original Havana pneumatic leather

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