Our lambskin/sheepskins are something very special:

They come from German wool sheep and have been tanned according to the strictest ecological and hygienic standards. The skins are ideal for bassinets, baby carriers, cribs, as stroller inlay or as underbed, car seat cover or for cuddling on the couch.

The lambskins/sheepskins have the following characteristics:

  • excellent skin-friendly
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • long lasting
  • extremely soft and cuddly
  • breathable
  • sweat-absorbing
  • temperature-balancing
  • blood circulation-promoting
  • pain-relieving
  •  ‘yellow’ skins are washable (at 30 degrees, hand wash)

The skins are an absolutely natural product and each piece is unique!

Shorthair, yellow
Longhair, yellow
Shorthair, white
Longhair, white

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Lammpelzfelle (Baby-, Bett- und Rheumafell)

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