Pneumatic full leather

Our pneumatic full leather has proved its worth over many decades. We do not receive any complaints regarding limited durability! This product has been manufactured in the same manner for over 60 years. It is the best leather for making pouches and bellows in organ building. Pneumatic full leather is a full-grain leather (and not a split leather), enabling us to guarantee high resistance to tearing, despite a low thickness of up to 0.2 mm. For these reasons, this leather is used all over the world in organ building.


Größe:3 – 5 fs²
Gauge:Extra thin; thin; medium; heavy; extra heavy
Color:Havana; chrome white
Tanning:Combined tanning; chrome tanning
Species:Kid skin; goat

Special feature: Available in assortment Ia and II:

  • Assortment Ia: Highest quality, practically flawless.
  • Assortment II: Somewhat flawed (e.g. scarring, colour deviations, holes).

Any questions about the product?

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