Rubber-coated cloth

Cut to length by the metre
Width: approx. 1,53 m
Lenght: total roll length approx. 25 meters
Strenght: thin, medium, thick
Colour: black


  • Strong rubber blanket has fabric on both sides
  • Thin and medium blanket has one side fabric

Our rubber coated cloth, specially produced for organ building, fulfils all the requirements to meet the typical and varied use by organ builders. The outstanding durability and quality of our rubber coated cloth has been tested and appraised by an independent testing institute in accordance with DIN 53359. It can be used in many applications; it is easy to work (e.g. gluing) and is available in three thicknesses.

Thicknesses: thin (approx. 0.1 mm), medium (single-sided fabric, approx. 0.3 mm), thick (double-sided fabric, approx. 0.5 mm)

Rubber-coated cloth
Rubber-coated cloth
Rubber-coated cloth
View (thick)
Rubber-coated cloth
View (thin)

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Rubber-coated cloth

Gummituch Breite: 1,53 m², Länge: max. 25 m beschichtetes Baumwollgewebe

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