Rubber cloth

Specially produced for organ building, our rubber cloth meets all the conditions needed to address the typical and high-grade processing requirements of organ building. The excellent durability of our rubber cloth was tested and confirmed by an independent testing institute pursuant to DIN 53359. It can be flexibly employed, processed with ease (gluing) and is available in three different thicknesses.


  • Heavy rubber cloth has webbing on both sides
  • thin and medium rubber cloth has webbing on one side


Thin rubber cloth is suitable for small bellows. Thickness : approx. 0.1 mm. Medium rubber cloth is ideal for small to medium-sized bellows. Thickness: approx. 0.3 mm. Heavy rubber cloth is ideal for medium-sized to large bellows. Thickness: approx. 0.5 mm


Cut:Linear metre
Gauge:Thin, medium, heavy
Lenght:Complete roll with approx. 25 linear metres
Width:approx. 1.53 m

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