Leather care

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Lederreiniger 250ml

Leather cleaner, 250 ml

Application: Put a few drops on a damp sponge, lather and rub the leather, then rinse with clean water. After drying, we recommend care with leather balm or leather care concentrate.

9,90 € / Bottle

Lederpflegekonzentrat 250ml

Leather care concentrate, 250 ml

Application: Shake concentrate briefly before use. Mix the required amount in a ratio of 1:2 and shake briefly. Moisten a cloth with the mixture, apply it quickly to the leather in circular movements and leave it to dry for about 24 hours. Then rub the leather with a dry, soft cloth.

19,90 € / Bottle

Lederbalsam 150g

Leather balm, 150 gr

Application: Apply with a dry cloth, allow to absorb and polish.

11,90 € / Can

Lederpflegeset komplett (Alle 3 Produkte)

Leather care set

Our savings tip: Complete leather care set consisting of leather cleaner, leather balm and leather care concentrate.

37,90 € / Set

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