Orthopedic leather

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We have been dealing with all kinds of leather more than 120 years. We have specialised in leather for organ building and orthopaedic workshops. Our tanners use only best raw materials. The skins are worked by a master hand and tanned with great expertise according to time-tested tradition. This enables us to achieve our goal of maintaining the quality of our products constantly at the highest level.

It has always been our ambition to offer you as a customer a wide range of products, which are tailored to the needs of organ builders.

Expert advice is a matter of course for us and the basis for providing you with the optimum leather.

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Special leather features:

  • The leather is made traditionally.
    During production, a large part is still worked individually by hand, depending on the nature of the respective skin.
  • The leather is tanned in a pit.
    The hides hang in pits in the tanning broth for several weeks to protect the scars and also to ensure a rich tanning.
  • The leather is purely vegetable tanned.
    As a result, the leather absorbs more moisture and is moisture-regulating in the shoe. The leather is greased with natural fats and has the unmistakable pleasant smell of vegetable leather.
  • The leather is dried gently.
    The leathers are stretched on wooden frames, whereby a mild, gentle air drying takes place.
  • The leather meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Act.
    The leathers mentioned here and many other leathers from our range meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act.
  • The leather is aniline dyed.
    This leather is a fine aniline leather for highest demands, brilliant colouring of great depth, transparency and charisma..
  • The leather is of the highest quality.
    Decades of experience in purchasing raw materials and selected provenances ensure the quality level.

Our delivery program for orthopaedic leather

Small colour deviations are possible in natural product leather

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