Orthopaedic leather

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We have been passionate about all kinds of leather for over 120 years. We are particularly specialised in leather for orthopaedic workshops. Our tanners only use the finest raw materials. Hides are processed by experts and tanned with great expertise that reflects a well-established tradition of excellence. This ensures that we achieve our goal of maintaining the quality of our products to the highest level at all times.

We have always endeavoured to provide you, our customer, with a comprehensive range of products that specifically addresses the needs of organ builders.

Expert advice is a matter of course for us and the basis for providing you with the best possible leather.

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Particular leather characteristics:

  • Our leather is produced in a traditional manner.
    A majority of production involves individual hand crafting, depending on the quality of the respective hide.
  • The leather is tanned in tanning pits.
    The hides are suspended for several weeks in tanning liquor in pits to conserve the grain and, additionally, ensure rich tanning.
  • The leather undergoes purely vegetable tanning.
    The leather absorbs more moisture as a result and regulates the moisture in the shoe. The leather is greased with natural fats and has the unmistakably pleasant scent of vegetable leather.
  • The leather is dried with great care.
    Leathers are stretched on wooden frames for mild, gentle air drying.
  • The leather meets the requirements of the German Medical Products Act (Medizinproduktegesetz).
    The leathers mentioned here and many others from our range meet the requirements of the German Medical Products Act (Medizinproduktegesetz).
  • The leather is coloured with aniline dyes.
    This leather is a fine aniline leather that meets the highest demands and has brilliant colouring with rich depth, transparency and radiance.
  • The leather is of the finest quality.
    Decades of experience of purchasing raw materials of a select provenance ensure our quality level.

Our delivery portfolio for orthopaedic leather

Kleine Farbabweichungen sind beim Naturprodukt Leder möglich.

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